Is PS 4 worth it to buy?

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Virtual reality is a vivid and unforgettable experience available with PS4. Thinking about is PS4 worth it the one should know that the main version was released in 2013, winning almost the entire market and overtaking the Xbox One console. In general, PS4 is great for running any games with no errors and holds. Having an 8-core processor and an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next graphics card, the console perfectly faces the challenge of dividing the screen into two or four parts. Also, wondering should I buy a PS4 do not forget about 8 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk which size is enough for 4-5 installed games.

Why should you buy PS4

The luxury of minimalism, the exquisite combination of matte and glossy surfaces, the severity of the lines – the Sony PlayStation 4 console with beveled corners in the modern style demonstrates the refined style. Numerous benefits it provides for the gamer are the best motive why is PS4 worth buying.

Exclusive games

PS4 exclusive games

One of the main reasons why should you buy PlayStation 4 is the presence of powerful exclusive games. First of all, these are old and well-known titles like “Last Of Us”, “Heavy Rain”, “God Of War”. Some of them are released again especially for the new generation console. The sequels of others will be presented only on the PS4 (the owners of the PS3 will not be able to enjoy them). Sony is the very best in this industry.  Indeed, the company has a lot more worthwhile games than the main competitor, Xbox One from Microsoft.

Superior graphics

PS4 graphics compared to PS3

Despite the fact that the developers have just begun to reveal the full potential of PlayStation 4 capabilities, there are a bunch of games with decent graphics for the console now. In the future, the quality of graphics will increase, and the performance will grow even more, as occurred in the case with PS3.

No problem with patches and settings

Unlike a computer, the console is traditionally easier to use. As an example, the situation happened with Far Cry or Assassins Creed. Having bought the latest version many PC users began to complain that the game either refuse to start at all or run but with a terribly low FPS. Only a few weeks after the release, those who paid for the product could receive it patched and ready to use. So, those who asked why is it worth it to buy a PS4 should be aware that this situation is impossible for the console. The scheme is simple – buy and play.

The ability to pre-download the game

By the way, continuing the theme of games, even downloading them is much more convenient and faster than on the PC. Earlier, at the time of PlayStation 3 popularity, when 4 was not even on the horizon, the official Sony store of games and applications had a problem with content distribution. The game, bought by pre-order, was downloaded by everyone at the same time.

And this caused low speed and connection problems. Now Sony allows to pre-download the game whose release is scheduled for the near future. This gives the opportunity to start playing immediately after the project released.

Comfortable and functional DualShock 4

Dual Shock 4

The gamer spends almost all the time in front of the console having gamepad in his hands, so its capabilities and convenience are almost in the first place when choosing a console. So, why it is worth getting a PS4?

Sony’s gamepads, which are virtually unchanged from the first version, and are only getting better over time. They are designed specifically for convenient grip and 99% of gamers are completely satisfied. Of course, after an Xbox or computer, it will take a couple of days to get used to, but there are no obvious drawbacks for PS4 DualShock.

Broad social opportunities

PS4 social

Sony has made a nearly full-fledged social network from PlayStation Network. It allows you to see other gamers’ preferences, share your impressions of the gaming process, as well as recording videos right during the game and broadcasting. All this can be done with the help of one special button without unnecessary hardships.

Comparatively, to record the gameplay on PC, you will have to purchase a special device (so that the FPS does not fall due to the load on the computer) and set up other settings to broadcast.

PlayStation Plus Subscription

PS4 subscription

By paying a small amount you get a number of privileges to regular users, but the most remarkable is the distribution of free games. Each month, the developers give you a few worthwhile projects for free, so the subscription fee for a year pays off after 1-2 received games.

Common account and interaction with PS Vita

If you have available the previous PS3 console or portable Vita, then you can use one account and one subscription (which was mentioned above), paying a rather modest amount for the opportunity to receive lots of free games as a bonus. Plus, there is an opportunity to stream adult games from PS4 to Vita, when you want to play lounging on the couch.

Very promising future opportunities

If you compare the situation while launching of the third PlayStation and the last one the difference will be colossal. The games appeared right away and you don’t have to wait for the releases. The company offers a great number of highly demanded and useful services along with a bunch of nice bonuses, plus the ability to share games with your friends. Also, the total technical potential hasn’t been discovered yet.

Is it worth getting a PS4 if you have a PS3


Progress in the world of electronics is monstrously fast, but we are already so used to it that ceasing not only to be surprised but even just to notice! Still often it comes to our house with seemingly quite ordinary things such as Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 game console.

Thus, what is the difference between two generations of game devices?

  • Sony PS3 belongs to the seventh generation gaming consoles and was first appeared in Japan at the end of 2006. If we discard such minor things as the color and design of the case, the maximum capacity of the built-in hard disk (it gradually “grew” from 20 in the first models to 500 GB in the latest ones) or the game controllers bundled, the real breakthrough was the use of a specialized 64-bit eight-core Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE, developed by Sony and IBM based on the Power PC architecture), operating at 3.2 GHz.
  • Sony PS4 is the next, eighth generation game It was announced in the spring of 2013 and released closer to its end. Over the past few years, progress in the field of electronics has made a number of unexpected turns, which radically changed the priorities of developers along with the material and technical base used. The console got a specialized 64-bit eight-core Jaguar processor from AMD with a clock frequency of only 2.1 GHz.

However, the computational power of the graphics subsystem of PS4 has increased by about five times compared to the PS3, and the size of the RAM subsystem has increased by more than thirty times, which has made it possible to implement completely new features in the graphics (not everyone can immediately understand that, for example, the increase in image resolution vertically or horizontal leads to a fourfold increase in the number of countable points, thus, the scandalous statement that progress in computer technologies moves mainly due to computer games has enough truth).

Compatibility with game controllers (joysticks) is quite peculiar: PS3-to-PS4 joysticks are not suitable (with very few exceptions for a very limited number of games), while PS4-to-PS3 is easy enough without loss of functionality (i.e., wired / wireless options – but with a high degree of probability, users will need to update the firmware of their devices.

Compared to the PS3, the Sony PS4 game console is much smaller, weighs much less and consumes less electricity (data in the most hardcore gameplay for both consoles: about 200 watts for Sony PS3 versus about 145 watts for Sony PS4).

Summarizing everything on the above it is possible to say that buying PS4 already having Sony PS3 console looks a good idea. Taking into account all benefits and opportunities the PS4 owns it will raise the gaming process on the completely new level compared with its PS3 ancestor.

Final words: how to make the right choice


PS4 is not just a gaming device; it is a whole world bringing the amazing feeling of virtual reality. PlayStation 4 is no longer just another “next generation console”. This is a fully equipped multi-purpose gaming platform. Despite the presence of some drawbacks, it can be stated with confidence that this is really good equipment having a bright future. Also, one of the main advantages of the Sony game console is exclusive games, innovations of the gaming world with excellent graphics and special effects. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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